Drawing inspiration from the diversity and hedonism of London night-life, the hats allow the wearer to step beyond their normal selves and explore their alter ego(s). 

I have a background in theatrical and couture millinery and a passion for fashion which inspires my work to be robustly playful yet shining with avant-garde brilliance so no matter how physical things become, you'll never lose your head!

All my work is created bespoke and it is meticulously and lovingly handcrafted with technical detail, creative prowess, a dynamic imagination using premium quality materials to create truly stunning headwear accentuating textures and silhouettes with many of the hats featuring cheeky additions. 

Each piece has a personality, a story, a role to play, no matter how subtle, discrete, loud or proud.


Heleness, DJ and Event Promoter

Virna has made three bespoke hats and headdresses for me to date, and I’ve been very impressed by the quality and stylishness of the finished product. 

Zara Du Rose, Actress

Absolutely gorgeous designs & quality. Highly recommended!

Stela Plaka, Stylist

Virna Pasquinelli's creations are true works of art. Unique pieces made with passion and love. She is always extremely kind and the delivery is ultra fast.


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